In Tibetan Medicine and Ayurveda there are two strategies for addressing humoral imbalances:  pacifying/shamana and cleansing/shodhana.  

Humoral imbalances are first pacified through diet, lifestyle, herbal formulas and external therapies. Without cleansing, however, the root of the humoral imbalance may not be totally removed allowing the condition to reassert itself or alternately create other future imbalances.

Therefore both specific cleanses for given imbalances as well as preventative seasonal cleanses should be an integral part of any traditional Ayurvedic or Tibetan physician’s arsenal.

Cleanses are followed by rejuvenation practices including chudlen/rasāyana to promote augmenting Ojas/mdangs, the refined essence at the last stage of digestion that is responsible for our immunity, resilience, brilliance and longevity.

We guide patients through the Colorado Cleanse designed in accordance with Ayurvedic principles and follow this with rejuvenation practices and formulas from the Ayurvedic and Tibetan traditions. 

The Colorado Cleanse

2 Week At-Home Detox and Digestion Boot Camp

The Anytime Colorado Cleanse

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